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PBV Monitor squeezes information in order to structure critical data needed for

your strategic choices

PBV Monitor analyses data in order to offer critical information to evaluate lawyers and law firms reputation, experiences and relationships.

In the legal services market, evaluating and mapping relationship capital is particularly critical both for law firms to build strong business with clients and for clients to identify the best subject for their needs, avoiding possible conflicts and hidden costs connected to the lack of experience.


PBV Monitor is an alternative data analysis company focused on legal services market. Our company was established in Dec 2018 and started operations in 2019 after a seed financing from a UK AIM listed investment company (Quantum Blockchain Technologies).


PBV Monitor operates in 3 different segments: Editorial, Business Intelligence and Legal Services Marketplace.

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Questions And Answers

Information is daily collected from public sources such as Edgar SEC and from law firms’ press releases.
We collect information from more than 7.000 law firms in 78 Jurisdictions.
Every year, Our team analyzes more than 30.000 transactions and cases at global level.

Law firms are subject to a strong pressure from several editors to provide data about their activity, but the large majority of information acquired with submissions are already been communicated by law firms through press release, announcement or are available in public sources of information, such as Edgar SEC and others.
We strongly believe that the entire process has to be rationalized in order to avoid asking law firms inefficient reporting activities.

Just send us


with a press release including client name and the team working on the matter.
We will be more than happy to publish the deal / case on our Global Legal Chronicle magazine and include the transaction in our PBV Monitor Platform.

We collect information from more than 7.000 law firms in 78 Jurisdictions.
Every year, Our team analyzes more than 30.000 Transactions / cases at global level.

Confidential information are not considered in our ranking because can not be verified.

Probably not. But the successful counterpart will do and we can collect all information on the case.

Rankings are determined by a proprietary algorithm calculating:
• Clients dimension according of revenues;
• Industry segment of the client;
• Jurisdiction;
• Deal Value / number of transactions;
• Practices involved in the deal.
PBV Monitor ranking is based on objectives data. No subjective evaluation from analysts.

Every time a transaction/case has been analysed by our team, PBV Monitor platform send an email to the led partner / marketing Manager of the firm asking for Client Referee contact details.
Once collected, the platform sends an email to the client referent in order to have a feedback on 5 parameters:
• Communication Skills;
• Technical Skills;
• Efficiency;
• Effectiveness;
• Perceived Added Value.
The average of collected evaluations represents the qualitative rating of the Firm.

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